Welcome to Your Expo. We are a professional conference planning website catering to the Australian market. We are the leader in event staging and conference planning. We are also the country’s Welcome leading conference/event planner for quite some time now. In every event that we plan, we exhibit our event management solutionsto assist our customers in achieving a successful conference.

At Your Expo, we offer complete solutions for theming, styling, and audio visual services which includes providing multimedia and design content even for digital event services, like webcasting. As the leading conference planner in our area, we offer the following services:

Meetings and Conference

At Your Expo, we understand the need to come up with an engaging conference which allows our customers to enhance their message. We have the capability to manage every aspect of a successful conference, and at the same time implement a flawless management of technical production.

There are different types of meetings and conferences, and they also vary in sizes. In every type meeting and conference that we help in preparing, we collaborate with you in determining breakout sessions, plenary, and even floor plans. We also provide speaker preparation systems such as stage settings, rehearsals and draping.

Meetings come in different sizes. Meetings may involve two people, or a group of professionals in a conventional setting. Regardless of the type of meeting or conference that you need, we make sure that you are provided with the necessary technology and audio visual equipment to meet your needs. Internet access, laptops, markets and whiteboards are also provided during your session.

Product Launches

Product launches are events that embodies excitement. Whether it is a new product or service, and whether it is a big reveal or an educational show and tell launching, we bring in together our technical expertise to produce an event which is not only creatively stylish, but also professional.

Our technicians are capable of managing lighting, as well as the audio visual systems which flawlessly draw the attention of the audience to important points delivered by the speaker and through the visual aids. We also have a team of designers and stylists who work together with our technicians in making sure that the overall product launching is as successful as you expected.

Awards Nights & Gala Dinners

Awards Nights are typically very flashy and elegant. Our technical staff and event planning team will make sure that the stage is presented in a way in which the awardees will remember every moment of the event. In just an instant, we can also change the mood of the event by switching over from the formalities of the event to the celebration proper.

Gala Dinners are enjoyable events. Whether it is a cocktail function, or a sitting down gala dinner, Your Expo delivers high quality services so that the focus of the event is not just on the celebratio itself, but on the message that your company is trying to get across.

Sales Kick Offs

In most companies, sales kick offs are the most important events of the year. Thus, you are set in making sure that every aspect in the preparation process is managed accordingly. Your Expo is equipped with corporate event management skills which will allow us to deliver and create the best event for you so that you can deliver your message effectively. We offer a range of event services from visual aids, audio, design, styling, and even webcasting to help you achieve a successful event.


Roadshows are a series of events, usually done across the state, and even around the country. Preparing for one event may already be stressful. Much more is the preparation for several events replicated over and over again. With Your Expo, we make sure that a uniformity of the events are kept accordingly. This is to ensure quality in the message that you will be passing on to your audience.

Here at Your Expo, we provide the following to make interaction easier:

  • A point of contact throughout the preparation process
  • Scheduling and planning across different regions
  • High Quality Lighting, Vision and Audio Services
  • Screen content and multimedia design
  • Rehearsals and detailed reproduction of events
  • Speaker preparation
  • Webcasting for remote viewership

Your Expo is undoubtedy the best solution when it comes to conference planning. With our expertise, we can provide the assurance that you will have a successful business event. We even ask relevant opinions from top Australian real estate agents from this company to help you decide the best venue for your event. It is our interest to provide you the best support we can give. Many of our customers have already testified to the effectivity of our services. Contact us now for your conference planning needs.image002